Who We Serve

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We support young adults from underrepresented communities to reach their goals after high school by keeping them engaged with a community of confident, skilled post-secondary coaches.
These coaches, based at your organization, are the trusted counselors, teachers, staff, and mentors who have walked with these students during their high school journey. They do not need to be “experts” in post-secondary success, but they do need to be fully invested in listening to and guiding young adults. We provide the resources, technology, and training to build your organization’s and coaches’ capacity and deepen? your relationship with graduates in ways you may have never anticipated.

Why join the UtmostU network?

Your organization wants to stay engaged with your high school graduates and help support their long-term success. You want to spend more time listening to graduates, encouraging their success and addressing their challenges, and less time managing backend technology, data, training, and resources. You may have never supported young adults after high school. Or maybe you have done this work but feel overwhelmed and under-resourced. The UtmostU network is designed to address these concerns.

So, who can you enroll in UtmostU?

Our program is designed to be academically non-selective. You define the criteria for the graduates you wish to enroll in UtmostU and support. Not limited to students in college, UtmostU is designed to assist young adults in a broad spectrum of post-secondary paths. Our only requirements are that you are guiding young adults from underrepresented communities, and that they are motivated to stay connected and supported on their post-secondary path. By joining UtmostU, young adults become part of a motivated and committed peer community.

Xavier Todd Headshot

UtmostU was nothing but supportive. I can’t stress enough how much of a relief it was to have a team on my side that specialized in aiding students through the complexity of college. From financial aid education to discounted summer classes to emergency funds to help with being more social on campus, Utmost was there and always one call away. With the help of UtmostU’s assistance, I was able to finish school and obtain my Bachelor’s in Accounting.

Xavier Todd | UtmostU Alumnus