Pre- Professional Experiences

Why apply for internships and pre-professional experiences?

Research shows that young adults who have career exposure and experience prior to college graduation are better prepared and more successful in their transition. UtmostU has developed this page to provide a list of internships and professional experiences to build your resume and open new opportunities. This page will be updated regularly, so return as you weigh your options.

An internship will:

  • grow your professional skills
  • deepen your knowledge set or learn about a new work field
  • expand your professional network
  • build your resume and show your commitments
  • develop your people-skills

Suggestions for Getting Started

  • Talk with your UtmostU coach about your hopes, goals, and concerns.
  • Read through the program description below. There are more details on the internship’s sponsor webpage.
  • Click the “Apply” link for any program that interests you. Complete and submit the application before the deadline.
  • Watch your email for a follow-up from the internship sponsor. Every day.
  • Talk with your UtmostU coach about the process or questions.

Consider searching on and filtering on the keyword “internship” and where you would like to work.

Internships & Pre-Professional Programs

Reach out to Valerie Charles, Manager of Career Services, for specific guidance

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