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Senior Manager of Data Narration

UtmostU, a post-secondary success program for young adults from under-resourced backgrounds, is seeking a Senior Manager of Data Narration.

Does your mind like to organize facts, figures, and data to tell an incisive story? Are you both analytical and creative? Do you appreciate the intersection of data and storytelling? Are you excited to use information to help young adults realize their post-secondary goals? UtmostU is seeking a team member who wants to gather data and then help others see the hidden pictures that inform action.

As the Senior Manager of Data Narration, you will manage our customized Salesforce instance and oversee the systems that supports UtmostU and its affiliates. This position manages how we collect and analyze data; its interpretation; and how data can help better guide young adults toward their goals. The Senior Manager of Data Narration will help our network of affiliates and coaches better understand how data can impact interventions.

Here’s the big picture of your role:

    • Manage our Salesforce database, and complimentary tech tools, to make a robust tool for post-secondary coaches to engage with young adults.
    • Teach others how to use and appreciate the value of great data to impact actions.
    • Build data rich stories that are both quantitative and qualitative.
    • Constantly think about how to build better systems that help scale our work.

Here’s what we seek in our Senior Manager of Data Narration:

    • Oversee maintenance and development of our customized Salesforce database and associated tools, including Form Assembly and Canva.
    • Eagerness to help others appreciate why data can make their work impactful.
    • Creativity as we develop new solutions.
    • The ability to produce compelling analysis reports that make sense to non-data people.
    • A customer-service mindset, with a joy of collaborating and supporting teams and partners.
    • Flexibility and willingness to jump in where needed. A great teammate.
    • Commitment to equity and making the world a better place.

More details on UtmostU and this position:
UtmostU was founded in 2019 as a network to support schools and community-based organizations that are committed to the long-term success of their high school graduates through a post-secondary path, whether through college or another educational pathway. Through technology, holistic support, external partnerships, and constant engagement, the UtmostU network works to propel young adults from low-income backgrounds toward their career goals.

This is a full-time position, with a benefits package, commensurate with career experience. UtmostU maintains a hybrid work environment, with time split between home work and our space in downtown Chicago. We are dedicated to creating a great work environment and supporting teammates professionally and personally.

If this sounds exciting, please submit to a 1-2 page letter that describes why and how this position fits your goals and a résumé that addresses your experiences.