Our Impact

Even for students whose tuition is covered by financial aid, whose academic preparation is exemplary, and who are able to commit themselves full-time to their education, the subtle logistical and psychological sticking points can have a huge impact on their ability to persist and fully reap the benefits of a higher education.

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We have a history that spans over a decade,
and proudly became 501c3 non-profit in 2019 scaling our impact on
young adults and mission-aligned partners.

41% Six-Year Graduation Rate

2000 Young Adults Served

So, who can you enroll in UtmostU?

Our program is designed to be academically non-selective. You define the criteria for the graduates you wish to enroll in UtmostU and support. Not limited to students in college, UtmostU is designed to assist young adults in a broad spectrum of post-secondary paths. Our only requirements are that you are guiding young adults from underrepresented communities, and that they are motivated to stay connected and supported on their post-secondary path. By joining UtmostU, young adults become part of a motivated and committed peer community.

Xavier Todd Headshot

UtmostU was nothing but supportive. I can’t stress enough how much of a relief it was to have a team on my side that specialized in aiding students through the complexity of college. From financial aid education to discounted summer classes to emergency funds to help with being more social on campus, Utmost was there and always one call away. With the help of UtmostU’s assistance, I was able to finish school and obtain my Bachelor’s in Accounting.

Xavier Todd | UtmostU Alumnus