Bridges to Success

In Collaboration with City Colleges of Chicago

Are you feeling alone on your college journey? Do have questions, but not sure where to turn? Would a personal coach be helpful?

For over 10 years, UtmostU, a Chicago-based nonprofit, has helped hundreds of college students work toward their goals and earn their degrees. By matching students with expert personal coaches and providing financial and personal resources, we connect you with valuable tools that keep you on the path toward college graduation. We are excited to welcome 50 City Colleges of Chicago students to our Bridges to Success program to begin receiving support in January 2023.

“I appreciate the consistency with my UtmostU coach. The support is phenomenal.” ~ Diego, CCC student

Enrollment Process


Complete the Interest Form


Be invited to an interview


If accepted, be invited to complete the UtmosU Agreement and Enrollment Survey


You are officially enrolled as an UtmostU fellow and will be assigned a coach!

Participants receive:


A personal coach


$400 stipend


$600 in emergency funds


Free cell service


Paid monthly surveys


Mental health counseling

“My coach not only listens to my goals, but helps me find opportunities to achieve them. My coach always makes me feel like I am her only fellow even though she supports other students.” ~ Chelsea, CCC student

Here is How to Enroll

Make sure you:

  • Graduated from high school between 2017-2022
  • Are a full-time City Colleges student in spring 2023 (12 credits)
  • Have less than 35 college credit hours
  • Complete an interest form to set-up an informal interview

When accepted, get matched with a post-secondary coach and connect every 6 weeks

Take a 5-minute monthly survey and get paid $10

Get advice and guidance that makes an impact on your life

Receive access to:

  • $400 in direct financial assistance
  • Additional emergency aid up to $600
  • Free cell service through T-Mobile
  • Professional networking and learning experiences
  • Certified mental health counselors
  • A network of peers in UtmostU to connect with